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New website - we've become a dot com. http://www.stalbansmes.com update your bookmarks and all that.

Exhibition time is here again. Last weekend in September (26/27). Francis Bacon school, St Slbans AL1 5AR eaflet (2meg)

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St Albans - Entertainment for engineering enthusiasts

St Albans is a unique destination for a wide range of arts and entertainment for everyone even escorts. Whether you have an interest in history, you want to see the latest engineering marvels in the automobile industry, or you look for some fun activities, the city has interesting attractions and special events whatever the season.

Different kinds of entertainment

Explore the rich cultural life St Albans has to offer you along with your escort Paris. With an over 2000 years old heritage, the district features Bronze Age, Roman and contemporary routes. Visit the remarkable picturesque buildings like the magnificent Cathedral and Abby Church, which has mixed architectural details from different periods or the 15th century Clock Tower.

St Albans provides you with a delightful glimpse into Roman Britain’s past with interesting museum collections. You can stop at the Verulamium Museum to observe artifacts used in the Roman city, or seek out the Museum of St Albans for great exhibitions, which tell the story of St Albans from the ancient times to nowadays. If you or your beautiful escort Paris are interested in aircraft, The de Havilland Aircraft Museum features items from the WW2 era to recent military planes.

To satisfy your hunger for cars, St Albans offers you the chance to test drive the latest models from dealers including Aston Martin or Lamborghini. Through the year, there are many events organized for the car lovers. From exhibitions that showcase over 1200 classic cars, scooters and other four-wheelers, to dozens of car companies, that come with a wide selection of vehicles such as Tesla, BMW, Porsche or Maserati.

There are plenty of pubs and clubs to keep you entertained at night. Notorious for the fantastic parties, food and drinks, the district has everything you look for, Even your most demanding friends will have a more spicy experience here, than with an escort Paris. If you wish to create meaningful moments, than St Albans’s nightlife is excellent.

Visitors can choose Verulamium Park for its amazing greenery, ornamental lake and for the River Ver, which flows to the side. Whether you want to take a walk on the paths along the river and breathe some fresh air, relax on a bench and gaze at the scenery, or you are eager to see the gracious swans, herons or ducks on the lake, the area is perfect for leisure times beside your escort Paris.

Named after the Roman City of Verulamium, the park is a popular choice all year round. You can take a stroll across it to see the old city walls, the remains of an amphitheater or see the outline of the London Gate. For wild walks in nature, Heartwood Forest is a place you ought to visit. Here, you will find over 500,000 old trees, wildlife, 400 years old woodland and a large number of wildflowers.

St Albans is a great place to relieve stress and spend some recreational times with friends or family. You will be amazed to discover that you can combine your passion for cars, history and nature in many ways to keep yourself happy.